BWMeter 7.2.3 + Full Crack Download

BWMeter 7.2.3 is a professional software which is known as bandwidth meter, monitor and traffic controller, which measures, displays and controls all traffic.

This software can help clients with volume based web association, where the use of your web shares just a couple of gigabytes. With the product BWMeter 7.2.3 this you can set the farthest point Internet transmission capacity utilization in a way that is simple and basic.

Applications BWMeter 7.2.3 can likewise give a different report activity between neighborhood (LAN) and Internet movement. So you are in a system can decide the utilization of data transmission on your LAN organize. You can likewise choose the show to be rupa diagrams or figures from the utilization of transfer speed you have. What’s more the application BWMeter 7.2.3 additionally can constrain the speed of the web association with your preferring.


  • Graphical and numerical showcases for activity in travel
  • See activity being transmitted as a diagram (Graph) at any minute
  • Nearby and arrange activity control
  • Speed limits and activity physically
  • Make every day, week by week, month to month and yearly
  • A notice message if more data transfer capacity is set for every day to utilize
  • Simple establishment and arrangement with default alternatives Beginners
  • Full support for LAN, WAN, VPN, ADSL, xDSL, Modem, Dial-Up and …
  • Good with all variants of Windows
  • Choices and settings and the capacity to totally modify your settings


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